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Herokiddos Mission Statement

During this coronavirus outbreak, it’s especially important for kids to know and understand the current situation and their role.
It’s also very challenging for adults to explain to them why and how they should behave.
Our aim is to show kids how important they are in this situation.

We think some engaging animations and drawings will help children understand:

1- How to protect grandparents and elderly people through social distancing
2- How to handle the current situation physiologically and psychologically
3- What to do to stay safe

We are ready to unite with everyone affected by the current outbreak. We are stronger together!

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1Who Are We?
The HeroKiddos Team emerged in March 2020 from the animation group at the Realtyna company. We are a group of technology experts and online solutions providers. Educating the community is part of our job description.
2What Is Our Aim?
Our aim is to educate children about the current situation. We believe that if we act fast in providing a clear and convincing message for our younger generation, their contributions will help curb this pandemic, and we can ensure that our senior citizens are taken care of.
3How Are We Going to Increase Kids' Awareness?
We hope that animations and cool designs will help children understand the importance of their role.
4Can I Help?
If you are a company or individual who wants to support our project, you are absolutely welcome. You can contact us for more information:

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